Our Mission

The Traditional Route for Mental Health Therapy

It is well-recognised that we are experiencing an exponential growth in mental health issues in the UK, where a lethal and growing issue has been neglected to the point where recovery using arguably a dismissive or lethargic approach has created a momentous challenge, anywhere from mild anxiety to serious depression and even psychosis.

• “By 2020 mental ill health related problems will be second to heart disease as the leading contributor to the global burden of disease (World Health Organization)”.

Yes, help is at hand, but at what cost? Waiting lists to see professionals, sometimes for months at a time? Programmes and types of therapies that are often unsuitable for individuals and worse, short-term solutions?

Much of the issues are to do with ever-decreasing funding, the demise of the NHS and the significant cost of private therapy, which we believe puts off the majority of most of those at need from simply exploring their options.

From seeing a GP to being referred and ultimately receiving help can often take up to nine months, leaving clients at risk of continued decline. The potential implications of this are devastating, when you consider the number one cause of death of men under 40 is suicide. Further, many of the options available can take years before significant health benefits are experienced by the client. We fully believe that this is unnecessary and prolongs suffering.

• “From referral to treatment, access to mental health services – the 18 week starting clock, (source; NHS constitution)”.

The Mission of Mindfixers

Let’s face it, we all need to talk more, especially when we have problems that can be helped by sharing. Opening up to members of our trusted networks and peer groups, our families, friends, work colleagues, teammates, etc, has proven to be hugely beneficial. However, most of them are not professional coaches and therapists and as much as they may listen, quite often they may dive in, offering their well-meaning opinions and advice, whereas such comments may often not be welcome nor helpful.

The team behind The Mindfixers Programme have a dedicated mission: to enable each and every one of our clients to become an ‘informal coach’. What does this mean? The Programme will not only provide excellent therapy and a new way of thinking, but will also teach our clients listen more intently, to avoid judgement and to encourage those in their peer groups to open up and talk. In essence, the mission of Mindfixers is to influence as many people as possible to feel the freedom of being able to talk openly to their trusted peers. We believe the effect of this will begin to make a positive impact on society’s mental health issues and reverse the current upward trend of these issues as a whole.

As importantly, Mindfixers will end the historic difficulties faced by the majority in finding accessible therapy, whilst providing life-time solutions for often long-term issues in a fast, cheap and very practical way. We remove the stigma attached to those experiencing the issues and provide a unique mental toolkit, which offers a quick solution to most of the challenges experienced.

We also do this for 80% less than the average cost of private therapy, enabling our programme to be accessed by the masses, removing a huge burden of cost to the authorities and destroying waiting lists.

• “Adults in the poorest fifth are much more likely to be at risk of developing a mental illness as those on average incomes: around 24% compared with 14%. People from manual backgrounds are at somewhat higher risk of developing a mental illness than those from non-manual backgrounds”. (source; HSE)

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