Our Programme

One Life, One Amazing Opportunity!

MindFixers is a unique psychological therapy and coaching programme, removing the gimmicky packaging created by so-called psychological gurus, being simple to understand and implement.

MindFixers is an honest, non-gimmicky programme that does exactly what it says on the tin, combining state-of-the-art tools to massively improve personal and business performance!

Are you depressed or anxious? Do you suffer with brain fog, lethargy, panic, lack of direction, aches and pains, minor (and some major) illnesses, skin disorders? Do you worry about your sleep, weight issues, lack of energy or anything similar?

Unmanaged thoughts adversely affect your physiology by inhibiting your energy and physical state of health. The direct connection between your cognition and immune system is proven: not managing your thinking and beliefs is incredibly detrimental to your overall well-being!

Our flagship MindFixer therapy and coaching programme lasts just six to eight weeks, but the effects last a lifetime when you commit.

The MindFixers programme is a 12-hour programme spread over six to eight weeks. You will receive two consecutive one-hour sessions each week, therefore providing you with twelve sessions of unequalled therapy, twelve sessions of quality mental tools and support, six  to eight weeks in which to change your life.

Each group has a maximum number of clients. We believe 25 clients on a programme is an optimum number. Huge groups are difficult to help. Individual therapy has a huge cost attached. Small groups are not only cost effective for the individual, but more importantly, the therapy provided within a MindFixers programme is designed to enhance the experience of the individuals by the input of the group.

We actively encourage participation within the group, although if  anyone feels uncomfortable speaking, then that will be respected by us.

We create a very comfortable and friendly environment in which to discover how to change your life within six to eight 2-hour sessions.

The MindFixers therapy and coaching programme is structured in a way that it works for everyone who attends. It is a team effort: It works if you are willing to use the tools we provide, tools that are proven to work. With our support, we believe everyone can change their lives for the better.

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