MindFixers is a charital organisation and although we can be self-financing from the funding of clients who are able to afford our fees, we also look for donations from stakeholders or anyone interested in supporting those with mental health issues who cannot afford our fees, (which means they cannot afford anyone’s fees because we are the lowest cost provider of mental health support).

Part of our funding goes directly back into society, to enable those less fortunate to receive the same level of help provided to the more fortunate of us.

Supporting our not for profit is for anyone who is concerned about the real statistics that show mental health issues are increasing and anyone who understand the wider impacts of such an increase within our population: the impact to the economy by a drain on the benefits system; the impact on commerce by increased sickness, decreased productivity and a demotivated workforce; the impact to our environment, with increased homelessness and alcohol or drug addiction affecting all areas of the country; and the negative impact on family life.

Remember, early intervention does not simply improve lives: it saves lives.

Please donate as much as you can afford – every £1 helps. Each hour of therapy is less than £17 and as such is a fraction of the cost of standard therapy.

By supporting MindFixers, you are contributing to a national support network and ultimately the well-being of the nation.

Thank you!

Our Sponsor: TMC – Psychotherapy and Life Coaching