Are You Eligible

Our philosophy has been described over various pages of this site and we hope that it’s clear: in a nutshell, we wish to include everybody.

However, there will be certain individuals who we cannot help and before you book a place, we wish to ensure you will benefit from the course.

Please read through this list of conditions that may exclude you from the programme and answer the following short questionnaire:


Some individuals have been diagnosed with or registered as having a psychotic condition by their local medical authority and as such, will be receiving specialist treatment. We are unable to provide support for these individuals.

Under 18?

We are able to help those between 16 and 18 where accompanied by an adult with appropriate authority, for example, a parent, guardian, trustee, etc. We are unable to help most individuals under 16 and will not help with those under 13, where specialist individual therapies and not group situations will be more effective.


1. Are you undergoing any specialist mental health therapy?

2. Are you under 18?

3. Do you have difficulty understanding or speaking English clearly?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, please ensure you contact us before booking on a programme, so we can discuss the situation with you. Failure to disclose any relevant information could mean that you are expelled from the course, something we wish to avoid at all costs. It’s worth mentioning that answering ‘YES’ doesn’t necessarily exclude you from our programme.

If it becomes apparent that the programme is not suitable for any client due to misinformation provided prior to booking, unaccetable behaviour or for any other reason we deem inappropriate, we reserve the right to refuse access before or during the programme’.

Terms and Conditions

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