Socially Inclusive

Access to therapy for large numbers of people historically has been a problem. With the costs of personal therapy being traditionally high, (as much as £100 per hour or more), many worthy individuals have been unable qualify due to lack of funds (either personal or those provided by their local health trusts or local authority).

MindFixers have fixed that problem by enabling inclusion to all social groups. By radically reducing the cost of an hour’s session and with the MindFixers programme effectively shrinking the length of the average therapy programme by up to 30 months (depending on the programme), we can enable anyone to improve their lives.

How do we compare in terms of cost? We estimate the traditional price range of therapy to be anywhere between £70 and £100, giving an average of £85 per hourly session. We believe that providing therapy at less than £17 per hour, or 80% less, we are opening the door to all, saving costs for the authorities and providing a lasting fix.

How do we do so without compromising on quality? Each of our coaches are highly trained and highly experienced. By coaching small groups over a short period of time, we can radically cut costs. We also ensure the programme is run to a tight structure, so that every single course is the same standard and offers the same level of quality. Furthermore, we take all feedback very seriously and pro-actively improve any areas we feel require modification. The tight policing of our programme ensures we never compromise on quality.

We also include adolescents in our programme, a group in need of therapy that is growing rapidly and has difficulties accessing help. We will consider anyone between the ages of 16 and 18 as long as a parent or guardian accompanies them. And the parent or guardian attends our programmes for free! (On rare occasions, we consider those between 13 and 16, subject to certain conditions).

Further, our doors are always open! Our programme runs over a six week period, often with several programmes running concurrently within individual towns, meaning there are always places available. We crush waiting times for access to therapy due to the positive impact of early intervention.

Finally, what about those who have no money? Those who are homeless? Those who are on government benefits?

We believe in subsidisation where required. Mind Fixers is run as a not for profit, with a percentage of all income locked in to be directly invested in local issues. Should somebody be on benefits and require therapy, we will contribute up to 50% of the cost of each session for them. Should somebody who is homeless require therapy, we will contribute up to 100% of the cost of each session for them. We will also consider all others who may be in need of subsidisation.

We want nobody to be excluded from therapy and believe ours is the only programme structured to be available for all.